How do I start a club? 

Please reach out to us at info@prioritykids.com for more information on how to start a club. 


What does a Campus Leader do? 

Click here to download the Campus Leader commitment form. 


What does a Teacher Sponsor do? 

Click here to download the Teacher Sponsor commitment form. 


How do I share information about PriorityKids? 

You can find a downloadable one page informational here


How do I see which kids have signed up for my club? 

Your teacher sponsor will be given access to a list that is updated real-time when students sign up. They will be sent an email with a link, or they can go to smartsheet.com to login, or they can login on the smartsheet app. 


Is there a hard copy permission form? 

Hard copy permission forms are available upon request sent to info@prioritykids.com, but we do recommend the online permission forms.