What are our Guidelines and Requirements for clubs?

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Why are permission forms required?

The equal access of 1984 prohibits federally-funded public secondary schools which allow non-school-sponsored groups of students to meet from discriminating against any meeting of students on the basis of religious content providing that the clubs are student innitiated. While Priority Kids focuses on growing the next generation into leadership roles, adult volunteers must be present to help facilitate the club each week, therefore parental permission must be given to attend the club. 


How do I start a club? 

Please reach out to us at info@prioritykids.com for more information on how to start a club. 


What does a Campus Leader do? 

Click here to download the Campus Leader commitment form. 


What does a Teacher Sponsor do? 

Click here to download the Teacher Sponsor commitment form. 


How do I share information about PriorityKids? 

You can find a downloadable one page informational here


How do I see which kids have signed up for my club? 

Your teacher sponsor will be given access to a list that is updated real-time when students sign up. They will be sent an email with a link, or they can go to smartsheet.com to login, or they can login on the smartsheet app. 


Is there a hard copy permission form? 

Hard copy permission forms are available upon request sent to info@prioritykids.com, but we do recommend the online permission forms.